Seasons Fine Foods & Cookery School  


 Welcome to Seasons Fine Foods!

Just as the Seasons change, change is coming to Seasons.

Seasons Fine Foods is now under new ownership. 
Joseph and Jazmin, well versed in organics, farming, healthy food and a compassion for supporting local are here to welcome Seasons customers.

Jazmin and Joseph also operate a farm and orchard in the Township of Stone Mills and are proud to be residents of Greater Napanee and Lennox & Addington County.  

But don't you worry! Chef Pat will still be around operating the cooking school and helping with the catering. Can't get rid of her that easy!

Jazmin, Joseph and Pat are looking forward to what lies ahead. We couldn't have done it without the resounding support from you, our loyal customers. Thank you to all! 

Chef Patricia Forster and the Cookery School


Chef Patricia Forster has been creating food for the past thirty years. From food co-op organizer to head chef to restaurateur to Culinary Professor, chef Pat loves food. It was only natural to complete the cycle with a specialty food shop and her very own cooking school.

Seasons Fine Foods was born out of a love for real food and a passion for education. 'The key to everything is education'


Who said, "You can't have your cake and eat it too!"

Check back often for new details about exciting new cooking classes for you and your family.

At Seasons Fine Foods, we are focused on providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. The main focus of our business is to provide healthy food choices, local products and a friendly atmosphere. Grocery shopping should be enjoyable and we aim to provide that. Joseph, Jazmin and and their team have collected together the products you need to create healthy, convenient, and delicious energy packed meals and food choices.